Chain Fountain Dispute
Making a &#!$%ing Button
Theo Maia
Theo Maia Acum 7 minute
Such a good gift
Phyxcel Acum 8 minute
The hell is he still alive
Dare Acum 11 minute
More like lashitty to me
Mickey Filmer
Mickey Filmer Acum 14 minute
Why have you got Heat Shield Tiles off Spacex's Starship 20 on your wall behind you? Does Elon Musk know? He will send Jeff Bezos around to see you!!
Alexander Di Cintio
Alexander Di Cintio Acum 14 minute
I was wiring an old custom motorcycle, somehow I ended up with the light switching effect you produced here 😅 Funny thing, I want to make this induction heater, now I have to figure out what the hell was/is going on.
Octolicia Acum 17 minute
Well, you REALLY does love having an electrical shock.
James the cool
James the cool Acum 18 minute
Shut up we wanna see u suffer
The troll master
The troll master Acum 24 minute
what the hell how did I get on this side of ROpost?
zwerko Acum 28 minute
Do not try this at home? As if I keep around a 500kV line in my house to throw wires at it...
elektroooo kaboom 👍😁
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong Acum 37 minute
kinda scared me, i thought this was turning to a cult for a second.
YIP Sin Hang Student
YIP Sin Hang Student Acum 44 minute
Join the society of magicians. 16:43
Marcus Stopczynski
Marcus Stopczynski Acum 47 minute
This is about the only vid I can watch time and time again, and I'm still in tears laughing. This lad is a legend.
Bravo Sierra
Bravo Sierra Acum 47 minute
I'm a True Boomer always with u sir
Sana omar
Sana omar Acum 48 minute
what scam have you done to fool almost 5 million peoples ?
Bullworth Guy
Bullworth Guy Acum 55 minute
Feels Peteman
Scott de Jong
Scott de Jong Acum 58 minute
Hey Mr Electroboomer (lol) Always jump to the chance to watch your videos (and then watch repeat on repeat). I happened on another channel that explains conventional current and electron current flow. Would you discuss this in another video. Even though it changes nothing really just that no one tslks about it. Much.
Logan Camilleri
Logan Camilleri Acum oră
i did a google lol
stephendry Acum oră
For the electrostatic speaker see:, it is indeed a way of making a variety of high end loudspeakers.
Skermiebro Tech Tips
Skermiebro Tech Tips Acum oră
L. Alp M. Schiesser
L. Alp M. Schiesser Acum oră
@4:40 Mrs. ElectroBOOM : Should i ask Mehdi about whip noises coming from his workshop? ElectroBOOM : AUAU Ouch! $#!+! Mrs. ElectroBOOM : Whatever...
Thomas Acum oră
11:10 "one of these radiations" 1 radiation, 2 radiations, 3 radiations, whoop
FairZack Acum oră
There's a thing called an EST (Electrostatic) driver for headphones and In-Ear Monitors. AFAIK it uses static electricity to vibrate the membrane to produces a sound. I don't really know the details of how it works but I assume it's quite similar to what Mehdi is trying to do since it involves electricity.
Adrian Greco
Adrian Greco Acum oră
Dark Cupid
Dark Cupid Acum oră
Donot try thi at home make me wana try it even moore
erikk77 Acum oră
Mehdi, have you ever had an electrocardiogram?
Sand Twogo
Sand Twogo Acum oră
9:57 The sound he made is just.... Golden.
Der Gebeater
Der Gebeater Acum oră
I like how he`s saying "WATT!?!"
Illuminati Acum oră
Mehdi: I am not dead, yet! Me *remembering the close calls on the Marx generator and Jacob's ladder videos*
parsa mansuri
parsa mansuri Acum oră
that's the best way to reach idiots😂😂😂😂
Abenezer Abera
Abenezer Abera Acum oră
MAke a video with great scott
Harikrishnan K.J.
Harikrishnan K.J. Acum oră
How can you call UV and X rays "ionising radiations"? Do they ionise air?!!!. Alpha and beta(whatever charged stuff) particles are generally called ionising right?
Ayushman Jr
Ayushman Jr Acum oră
Another master piece....
Daniel Bohórquez Alvarado
Daniel Bohórquez Alvarado Acum oră
Do a collab with William Osman.
GYD Infinity
GYD Infinity Acum oră
Damn reindeer’s hahaha
قناة احمد للمعلومات
قناة احمد للمعلومات Acum oră
Hey, where do you live?
parsa mansuri
parsa mansuri Acum oră
bro don't FCK your self😂😂😂
Simon Pietkiewicz
Simon Pietkiewicz Acum oră
The Video "Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002" has 200.000 Likes now so will you make your own induction heater with no safety features?
fredric. Acum oră
Du må prøve 125 amper mye bedre.
Akshin Barathi
Akshin Barathi Acum oră
a guy dies of disease, he touched an electric wire and came back to life . becuase he touched the live wire
S G Acum oră
Which app did you use for measuring your cellular signal ?
Lozoot2 Acum oră
I feel like a silicone sock cover would be a good accessory for a power supply... Getting shocked when trying to turn it off doesn't seem ideal. On the other hand, it make funny lightning man get zapped and that activates my neurons
✵ 𝙺𝚠𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚁𝚞𝚕𝚎𝚣 ✵
✵ 𝙺𝚠𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚁𝚞𝚕𝚎𝚣 ✵ Acum 2 ore
Mine is fold down💻😭😭😱 and my mum Spanish me how you fixed it
Martin ZorammawiaBG
Martin ZorammawiaBG Acum 2 ore
Whos from 2021 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Agah-PT Acum 2 ore
I never thought to hear someone say "best chance of cancer" :D
Nathan Terer
Nathan Terer Acum 2 ore
that song intro always slaaams🔥🔥👌🏼
Erik Hasselwander
Erik Hasselwander Acum 2 ore
"I am not dead yet BECAUSE I AM SKILLED", I'm stealing that one
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson Acum 2 ore
I told my son, this man is my hero
Sweeping Time
Sweeping Time Acum 2 ore
Sometimes I wish that those people who come up with hoax energy devices channeled all their effort into improving existing energy processes instead.
P S Yee
P S Yee Acum 2 ore
Medhi is correct. There may be a very slight lever push/lift effect as proposed by Mould, but it appears to be so slight that it's not likely to produce a significant force in lifting the balls. Forcing the stiff linked balls to suddenly change momentum produces an overshoot effect. With many balls, the effect would be cumulative. Watch Mould's video in slow motion and you can see many balls are dangling slightly before they even lift off the container, negating the lift reactive force from the other balls. My take on the matter is that the sudden change in momentum (from up to down) when applied to a slightly unyielding chain produces the upward force required to get the Mould effect. The pipe experiment sealed the argument for Mehdi.
Andrei Miga
Andrei Miga Acum 2 ore
14:44 I was almost sure he would show the jacobs ladder :))
Safwan Fathi
Safwan Fathi Acum 2 ore
Hi. I miss "LATITY"
Katherine Acum 2 ore
New subscriber here, can someone explain why we shouldn't try this at home??? Just kidding, love this channel, please never change 🤩
Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri Acum 38 minute
U shouldn’t try that Cause life is beautiful And u wanna live it . Exceptions are always there.
HHTV Channel
HHTV Channel Acum 48 minute
Cause you should always try it at work not home
Delia Nepomuceno
Delia Nepomuceno Acum 49 minute
Loris Muzio
Loris Muzio Acum 2 ore
@ElectroBOOM the shower case is common in houses that are not grounded well i saw with my eyes that some people connect the ground on the water pipes and never on the stake under the ground manhole. In my case connecting the ground on the stake solved it
Mark Joseph
Mark Joseph Acum 2 ore
I wish i saw this 3 years ago
Mike S
Mike S Acum 2 ore
is your middle name Tesla?
Marvin Penalosa
Marvin Penalosa Acum 2 ore
9:57 best reaction
Doan Prasmana
Doan Prasmana Acum 2 ore
well i am not died yet,,, yeah YET ....
Guru Tim
Guru Tim Acum 2 ore
Your attempt to make sounds from 2 plates is the principle of electro static speakers
Gomisan Acum 2 ore
As a kid we used to throw 2-3m lengths of solder over the power lines. It would take a few goes to get it to short, but the bang was pretty impressive, I think the resin core actually helped. of course... we always threw lengths short enough that there was no chance it could reach the ground, or us!
Adnan Bukvic
Adnan Bukvic Acum 2 ore
you know he's a good one when he's scared of his fully working circuit
thinbox dictator
thinbox dictator Acum 2 ore
man-made relay? .. so.. what's the alternative?
right practice make man perfect
right practice make man perfect Acum 2 ore
Hey mehdy your daughter is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
UpLateGeek Acum 2 ore
RSVP mouse. At least now we know where that electronics supplier got its name! (Yes, I know where it actually comes from. Also doesn't get a name check because they're not a sponsor!)
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers Acum 3 ore
Actually there do exist speakers that use electrostatic force
Никита Тимофеев
Никита Тимофеев Acum 3 ore
10:17 - you better not know...
Dimosas' Quest
Dimosas' Quest Acum 3 ore
Doesn't this have to do with Newton's third law of motion, conservation of momentum? To be honest, haven't seen the other vids.
Ali Syed
Ali Syed Acum 3 ore
Yo why don't u just make a well-insulated handle 😒
Generic Name
Generic Name Acum 3 ore
Why do I feel like this is a cartoon show for kids (except the for kid part and make it like Rick and Morty show)
Jason yklt
Jason yklt Acum 3 ore
Quantum physics
Truth-Freedom Acum 3 ore
Solar panels provide FREE ENERGY 🙋
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Carl lorenz Adilan Acum 3 ore
Hello everyone this is my first time Reply to public youtube sohhh hello👋 and from electro boom too
Uzi dore
Uzi dore Acum 3 ore
(: liked
John Croucher
John Croucher Acum 3 ore
Re the shower, at a place i stayed in years ago you could feel a buzzing when washing hands or in the shower.
Cody Lovell
Cody Lovell Acum 3 ore
I'm sorry but that is not how cancer works and if given the chance then I wouldn't mind talking to you about it
John Croucher
John Croucher Acum 3 ore
I like the part where he gets zapped
Vinegar Acum 3 ore
"No shock, No gain." -ElectroBOOM, 2019